Identity Verification [ KYC ] Level VIP

KYC stands for Know Your Customer. It is an identity verification process. Like when we open an account through various transactions Then you have to use your ID, Parspot, that is to confirm that you really are us when doing certain transactions. This may not seem very complicated. But need to be used To check if that person is really us or not and not allow the impersonator to open an account or conduct a transaction.
Deposit 50,000 USD
Daily Withdrawal Limit: 9,000 USD ( Can withdraw on holidays )

If you want to verify your identity urgently, you can contact live support immediately.


Begin the KYC Level VIP process

1.1 Sign In to account
1.2 Select 3 tick bars on the top left

Step no. 2

2.1 Select Profile
2.2 Select Verification

Step no.  3

Check the current level, if it is level 2 it will be KYC it is VIP level. Click Next Step.

Step no. 4

4.1 Selfie type
4.2 Press the paper image with the down arrow.

4.3 Choose files or photos (but you must see the image and text clearly).
4.3.1 Choose a live selfie camera with a clear face with an ID card. Or previous passport with a picture
– Must see the face and card or passport clearly.
– With A4 paper writing message “KYC Verification with StikeProForex”
– Signed and the date of KYC was performed.
4.3.2 Choose from the files that have been taken To upload images by category And the best picture has been selected.

Examples of correct documents
Straight-face document image Clear text
Invalid document example
The document image is distorted, not straight
Invalid document example
The image of the document text is not clear

Step no. 5

5.1 Select upload image

5.2 Press Send

Step no. 6

Notice the clock mark and the words Request is pending , indicating that they are complete. Wait for the system to verify the information is done

Step no. 7 (Completed KYC format)

7.1 After waiting for the verification system, you will have Level VIP displayed.
7.2 On the part of the withdrawal system and other systems have been examined and can be used.

After approval at the VIP level
You will be able to withdraw without any limit on the amount.

If money transfers and withdrawals take longer than notified
Members can notify via Live chat.