Withdraw Funds

There are 3 levels of withdrawal for investors as follows:

1. Identity Verification KYC Level 1 Maximum withdrawal amount is 1,500 USD / day.
2. Identity Verification KYC Level 2 Maximum withdrawal amount is 3,000 USD / day.
3. Identity Verification KYC Level VIP Maximum withdrawal amount is 9,000 USD / day.

Withdrawals of KYC Level 1 and 2 are available for transactions from Monday to Friday.
Withdrawals of KYC Level VIP are available for transactions every day.

At each level, investors are required to verify their identity and attach complete documents only once for each level.

Withdrawing money from the trading account Investors have to complete KYC verification once. Investors can view the KYC verification process here Identity Verification (KYC) Level 1

If the investor wants to withdraw money from Copy Trade account (PAMM, MAM, Social) , the investor can transfer money from the account to withdraw money into Payment Account before proceeding in steps 1-4 . Now you can transfer money here. Transfer money from PAM, MAM, Social accounts to Payment Account.

Step no. 1

1.1 Click menu Funds
1.2 Click menu Transfer

Step no. 2

2.1 At the From Account option, select the amount of money in the account you want to withdraw.

  • n case of withdrawing funds from your MT4 account, select the amount under MT4 Standard or MT4 Cent.
  • In case of withdrawing money from Copy Trade (PAMM, MAM, Social) account, select the amount in Payment Account section.

2.2 At the To Account option, select Fiat
2.3 At Transfer amount , enter the amount you want to withdraw
2.4 When filling in information, press the Transfer button

Step no. 3

3.1 Click menu Funds
3.2 Click menu Withdraw

Step no. 4

4.1 At the Select wallet option box, select the amount in Fiat
4.2 Select BANK Transfer
4.3 Enter the amount to withdraw usd (minimum 50 USD)

4.4 Complete your destination account details.

  • 4.4.1  Bank name
  • 4.4.2  Country name
  • 4.4.3  Bank account number
  • 4.4.4  Enter the name of the recipient account
  • 4.4.5   –  ( put hyphen )

*Note Please check the amount you wish to withdraw and the details of the bank account that you wish to receive the funds correctly every time.

4.5 Once validated, click on the Proceed button.

Step no. 5

5.1 Input box for the PIN Code received from email.
5.2 Check your email for the PIN Code.

Step no. 6

6.1 View the PIN Code in your email.
6.2 Enter the PIN Code.
6.3 Press the Confirm button.