Reset your trading account password

In the event that investors cannot enter the system Since you forgot your password, you can reset your password. To enter the password reset process as follows

Step 1 Steps for changing password

Before entering step 1, start with the login process first.
Steps for changing password

1.  Go to the main menu.
2.  Click the Platform

Step 2 Steps for changing password

3.  Click the MT5 menu.
4.  Go to the port number.

Step 3 Steps for changing password

5. Go to the gear icon and click.
6. Go to Reset password to change a new password.


Step 4 Steps for changing password

7.  Select Investor Password or Master Password.
8.  Click the Proceed button to continue.
9.  Select Random method setup to randomize the password (in case of selecting Custom method setup skip to topic 13)
10.  Click the Proceed button to continue.

Step 5 Steps for changing password

11.  Check mail notification
12.  Check received mail. You will receive a new password for login.

Step 6 Steps for changing password

13.  Select Custom method setup.
14.  Click the Proceed button to continue.
15.  Check your email and insert the code.
16.  Click the Proceed button to continue.

Step 7 Steps for changing password

17.  Enter a new password as desired.
18.  Re-enter your password to confirm.
19.  Click the Proceed button to continue.
20.  Notification of successful transaction
Note:  If you can’t remember the password you created, you can check it via email.