Transfer money from PAMM | MAM | Social Trade
to Payment Account.

Connect To Metatrader4 (MT4)

Sign in to account area.

Step no. 1

Click on PAMM

Step no. 2

2.1  Select Copy Trade (PAMM, MAM, Social) Account you want to transfer money to Payment Account and select Withdraw

2.2  Select Withdarw
2.3  Select Transfer to Payment Account
2.4  At Amount enter the amount you want to transfer. When the information is complete, press the Withdrawal button.

Step no. 3

Check the balance and the results of transferring money to the Payment Account

3.1  Click on STRIKE PRO Logo to return to the DASHBOARD
3.2  Scroll up to find the topic Payment Account

If the transfer is successful, there will be balance. Appears in the section Equity

Then investors will be able to withdraw money in the next step. You can learn the steps here. Withdrawal Money Procedures Into Bank Account